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carbon steel sheet

carbon steel sheet
Issue Time:2015-12-04
Hot Rolled Sheet: A Commercial Quality, low carbon steel that is softenough to bend flat on itself in any direction without cracking. The surfaces of these sheets have a normal mill oxide and are used in applications where surface finish is not critical. Conforms to ASTM A-1011.Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Sheet: Characteristics are similar to that of Hot Rolled Commercial Quality Sheets but with an improved surface finish. Acid pickling removes surface oxides and then oil is applied to protect the surface from rust. This process creates a more uniform surface, which after cleaning improves the adhesion of paints and enamels. Conforms to ASTM A-1011.Hot Rolled High Strength Low Alloy Sheet: A Hot Rolled Sheet which offersa much higher Yield Strength and more corrosion resistance than a Hot Rolled Commercial Quality Sheet. These sheets are two to four time morecorrosive resistant than low carbon steel sheets and offer a Yield Strength of50 KSI. The increased strength of these sheets makes them a good choice when a weight reduction is necessary. Sheets conform to ASTM A-606.Cold Rolled Sheet: A Commercial Quality, low carbon steel that offers tighterthickness tolerances and better surface quality than Hot Rolled Pickled andOiled Sheets. These sheets are soft enough to bend flat in any directionwithout cracking. The deoxidized surface offers an excellent surface for painting after the sheets are cleaned. The surfaces of theses sheets areslightly oiled to protect from rust. Conforms to ASTM A-366.Galvanized Sheet: A Commercial Quality, low carbon sheet that is coated with a protective layer of zinc. The zinc coating on these sheets offer asubstantial increase in corrosion resistance over an uncoated Hot RolledSheet. These sheets can be formed without the zinc surface flaking orpeeling. Galvanized sheets can be welded or soldered. Various coatingweights, spangle sizes and ASTM specifications are available, please call theBushwick Sales office for details.
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