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Steel structure steel

Steel structure steel
Issue Time:2016-03-31

By the energy crisis,environmental pollution,Forced construction industry to develop green buildings-steel structure,it has become a global consensus.According to China's new urbanization plan,by 2020,China's urban green building accounts for new construction will increase the proportion to 50%.Steel building S355 steel plate as the main representative of green building in European and American countries have accounted for 40% -50% of the total housing construction area.At present most of the domestic provinces and cities in the proportion of steel building is only about 5%.


Steel building steel plate steel structure system based force structure to light construction materials for the building envelope system,higher compared to the traditional brick and concrete structure building,technical level,but also more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.According to the estimates show that,compared to traditional brick and concrete structure housing,steel housing can be water-saving 76%,saving 15%,saving wood 77%,increase the use of an area of 5-8%.Meanwhile,90% of the steel can be recycled steel building construction site construction waste and sewage is basically zero emissions.

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